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Register for the Marys Peak Solar Eclipse Viewing, Marys Peak Astronomy Experience and Connors Camp Limited Camping
Space is limited to 600 total for the Bus trip to the top of Marys Peak and back from just west of the Benton County Fairgrounds. 
Please note this is the access to Marys Peak and the top area for the Total Solar Eclipse. The Gates will not be open for normal daily use as all public access has been reserved by the public when parking spaces were available a few months back. 

Parking info  and camping options for the Bus ride to the top and back starting at 6:30 am. Last bus is 7am

Space is limited to 30 total participants for the Overnight Astronomy Trip



Driving Directions to Connors Camp for those that are camping via the public option LINK

The Marys Peak Solar Eclipse Viewing is limited to 1000 participants.  $85/person with juniors 17 and under $25.00 off

The Marys Peak Astronomy Experience is limited to 30 participants for an overnight stay with all the extras for that once in a life experience for $750/person



·        Only standard parking spaces for passenger vehicles, vans and pickups are available (maximum vehicle length is 18 ft.). No RVs, busses or oversized vehicles will be allowed.

·        Upon entry to the parking area, be prepared to show your campsite permit and a government issued photo ID matching the name of the reservation-holder. Your camping permit must be visibly displayed inside vehicle windshield.



Marys Peak Total Solar Eclipse Viewing (please see this tab for more details) 

Monday August 21st, 2017

Please stay on designated areas while on the Peak and have a wonderful time. See the FAQ Page

Gather your belongings (don’t lock your keys in your car) use the bathrooms one last time prior   the 30 minute trip to the top of Marys Peak. We will have 20 busses available and will depart once the busses are completely full.

When parking please bring your conformation of registration for the Bus ride up. We will give out the T-shirts on Marys Peak




Marys Peak once you get to the top!

Photo Credit Bradley Pigage


After the Event

Enjoy the local area and thank you for coming! See you in 70 years for the next time the Solar Eclipse passes across the Corvallis area!